This recipe combines clams, linguine and limes to make a fabulous dish that is simple enough for anyone to make, yet elegant enough to impress even the most picky guests! If you are unsure what al dente means, it is simply a phrase that means “to cook pasta so thatContinue Reading

This Sautéed Crab Claws recipes makes a delightful delicious dish that is flavorful and zesty. The delicate flavor of the wine combined with the zest of the lemon juice makes for a harmonious blend that will be sure to wow your guests! These claws can be served alone, or youContinue Reading

This delightful dip recipe can be used to create all sorts of fine and fancy dishes! When served with tortilla chips, it makes a great dip. When spread on pita bread, it makes a fabulous sandwich. When served over melba toast, it makes a tasty appetizer. This recipe is soContinue Reading

This is an excellent dish if you wish to enjoy fried shrimp as an appetizer or main course. When served as an appetizer, you will want to serve the shrimp by dipping them individual in the sauce, and spearing them with a toothpick. When served as a main course, youContinue Reading

A tasty shrimp cocktail brings much delight to most guests at fine parties and events. Although shrimp is rather bland when eaten when cooked in plain water, with no seasonings, it’s taste really comes out once it’s cooked with the proper herbs and seasonings! Once cooked, and served with aContinue Reading