A true southern recipe that has been enjoyed at picnics, family reunions, outdoor BBQs and Southern Church functions for many generations. If you have ever lived in the south, then you know how this is considered as much a southern favorite as fried chicken is considered a food group inContinue Reading

This recipe makes a delicious potato dish that goes very well with our Pan-Broiled Steak recipe. When you combine the Steak, Potatoes, 2 Types of vegetables, a bread roll and simple salad, then you will have yourself a mighty fine meal! Have fun experimenting with the cream sauce by addingContinue Reading

These pepper jack bacon balls are a great snack to serve as an amuse bouche, appetizer or finger food at any cocktail party or outdoor event. They are quick and easy to make, and will also taste great when dipped in your favorite dipping sauce. You can also secure moreContinue Reading