Everyone loves KFC fried chicken, and although that recipe has been guarded like it was more valuable than all of the gold in Fort Knox. The second best tasting food that KFC serves is of course the yummy coleslaw side dish. The ingredients used to make this fabulous slaw, areContinue Reading

This recipe makes a tasty vegetable based soup that has all of the goodness of potatoes, and the tasty flavor of asparagus. It’s a fabulous dish that can be served with any meal, as it compliments so many different varieties of meats and fish. To make a main course, simplyContinue Reading

This delightful dip recipe can be used to create all sorts of fine and fancy dishes! When served with tortilla chips, it makes a great dip. When spread on pita bread, it makes a fabulous sandwich. When served over melba toast, it makes a tasty appetizer. This recipe is soContinue Reading

This is an excellent dish if you wish to enjoy fried shrimp as an appetizer or main course. When served as an appetizer, you will want to serve the shrimp by dipping them individual in the sauce, and spearing them with a toothpick. When served as a main course, youContinue Reading

This recipe makes a delicious potato dish that goes very well with our Pan-Broiled Steak recipe. When you combine the Steak, Potatoes, 2 Types of vegetables, a bread roll and simple salad, then you will have yourself a mighty fine meal! Have fun experimenting with the cream sauce by addingContinue Reading

This little Hors-d’œuvres is a real treat to serve in the cold of winter. It provides enough of a warm pep to the meal that people are sure to praise your cooking skills! As an added treat you can place a tiny pepper, slice of cucumber or a slice ofContinue Reading