Everyone loves KFC fried chicken, and although that recipe has been guarded like it was more valuable than all of the gold in Fort Knox. The second best tasting food that KFC serves is of course the yummy coleslaw side dish. The ingredients used to make this fabulous slaw, areContinue Reading

This Sautéed Crab Claws recipes makes a delightful delicious dish that is flavorful and zesty. The delicate flavor of the wine combined with the zest of the lemon juice makes for a harmonious blend that will be sure to wow your guests! These claws can be served alone, or youContinue Reading

A tasty shrimp cocktail brings much delight to most guests at fine parties and events. Although shrimp is rather bland when eaten when cooked in plain water, with no seasonings, it’s taste really comes out once it’s cooked with the proper herbs and seasonings! Once cooked, and served with aContinue Reading