We all love festive occasions, and nothing beats gathering around a table that is loaded with delicious Holiday foods and surrounded by love and fellowship.   One of the main staples for most Holiday feats, is of course cranberries!  This Holiday harvest relish recipe, provides a wonderful, tangy cranberry flavor thatContinue Reading

This tangy relish recipe makes a great side dish when paired with most any entrée. It truly awakens the taste buds, in a manner which delights the senses. Green Tomato Relish CourseRelish CuisineAmerican KeywordRelish Servings 6 Quarts Servings 6 Quarts Green Tomato Relish CourseRelish CuisineAmerican KeywordRelish Servings 6 Quarts ServingsContinue Reading

This recipe combines clams, linguine and limes to make a fabulous dish that is simple enough for anyone to make, yet elegant enough to impress even the most picky guests! If you are unsure what al dente means, it is simply a phrase that means “to cook pasta so thatContinue Reading

A true southern recipe that has been enjoyed at picnics, family reunions, outdoor BBQs and Southern Church functions for many generations. If you have ever lived in the south, then you know how this is considered as much a southern favorite as fried chicken is considered a food group inContinue Reading

This recipe makes a pickled egg that your guests are sure to enjoy. It makes a great egg dish to be served as a single dish course when serving a multi-course dinner. Topped with an olive, it makes a great presentation for a light, yet tangy dish to satisfy onesContinue Reading

Everyone loves a good hearty chicken soup.  The flavor of chicken and potatoes, combined with a bit of salt and pepper, makes for a great dish. This recipe is super quick and easy to make. For more flavor, substitute the boiled chicken meat for meat from a deli rotisserie chicken,Continue Reading