A true southern recipe that has been enjoyed at picnics, family reunions, outdoor BBQs and Southern Church functions for many generations. If you have ever lived in the south, then you know how this is considered as much a southern favorite as fried chicken is considered a food group inContinue Reading

This recipe makes a pickled egg that your guests are sure to enjoy. It makes a great egg dish to be served as a single dish course when serving a multi-course dinner. Topped with an olive, it makes a great presentation for a light, yet tangy dish to satisfy onesContinue Reading

What is a party without the ultimate party mix?!?! This recipe creates a sizzling party mix that is tasty, full of goodness and has a hot zing that will make your taste buds go WOW! If it’s not hot enough for you, you can increase the hot sauce, or ifContinue Reading

These brandied fruit balls make a wonderful appetizer to be served during winter events. If you are looking for recipes for wedding events, these also make wonderful snacks at any wedding reception. To garnish them for fine events, like weddings, spear a date or olive on top with a toothpick. BrandiedContinue Reading

This recipe is a southern favorite that is enjoyed at all sorts of southern events from outdoors BBQ to Birthday parties. Serve in an attractive dish, with pretzels and plain chex cereal for a truly delicious party mix. If you do not like hot sauce, then substitute it for honeyContinue Reading